Here at Smiles Dental Design in Cocoa, FL, we are proud to be able to offer nitrous oxide sedation to our patients.

Did you know
…nitrous oxide makes many people feel happy and warm. It causes a lot of people to laugh, so it is often called laughing gas.

Nitrous Oxide Advantages

Nitrous oxide can be used for many dental procedures and is often good for patients who are very anxious at the dentist. Nitrous oxide can also be used for pain relief.

Easily Adjusted
Once nitrous oxide is inhaled, the effects take effect within a few seconds. It is very safe because if patients get too deeply sedated, we can quickly change the setting, and they will start to wake up pretty quickly. The same is true if the patient is sedated too lightly and needs more anesthetic. We can easily change the setting, allowing patients to become more or less sedated for a procedure.

Faster Recovery
Since the depth of anesthesia can be changed so quickly, you should be able to drive home after any dental procedures. It usually just takes a few minutes before you are awake and able to function normally.

Few Side Effects and Risks
Nitrous oxide does not have any side effects like regular anesthetic often does. There is hardly any risk to your kidneys, liver, and other body systems.

Our goal with using nitrous oxide is to give our patients a good experience at the dentist. If you are nervous or experiencing some pain, we would be happy to administer gas anesthetics to ensure a pleasant dental experience. Our goal is to keep you as relaxed as possible, no matter what procedure we are performing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about nitrous oxide or would like to schedule an appointment. We can be reached at (321) 631-5558.