Same Day CEREC® Crowns in Cocoa, FL

Get Beautiful Restorations in One Visit

Our CEREC® Technology saves you time and money

At Smiles Dental Design, we are definite proponents of CAD/CAM dentistry, placing one-day crowns in Cocoa, FL, which:

  • Saves you time in the dental chair
  • Can last for practically a lifetime
  • Restores the tooth’s shape, appearance, and size

Throughout our time as patients at Smiles Dental Design we were always treated with professionalism yet like family. Dr. Bagwell worked wonders on my teeth and gave me back a smile without a hand in front of my mouth

Cindy M.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Step 1: We begin the process by taking out the tooth’s filling material, saving as much natural tooth as possible.

Step 2: Next an optical impression is made in 3-D and Dr. Bagwell digitally designs the restoration.

Step 3: The information is then electronically sent and milled from a solid block of ceramic.

Step 4: An exact, small puzzle-like piece is then inserted and bonded into place using a resin cement.

Step 5: The tooth is polished and becomes a solid, natural-looking tooth again, in just one visit!

Quick Solution. Quality Product.

If you are in need of a solution for a weak, broken, or unsightly tooth, call Smiles Dental Design today! We are your one-day provider for placing quick, safe, and beautiful crowns in Cocoa, FL and the surrounding areas.